Hitting The Jackpot

I play the lottery all the time with my friends and my co-workers. This is standard in my department when it goes big. I will play the mega million, the regular lottery, win four, and I do purchase some of the stratch off tickets. If I won the big jackpot I would thank GOD first then set up financial plans for my immediate family first. I would then help all of my cousins, Aunts, Uncles and friends.

Academically I would set my children up and make an agreement that they must get a Masters Degree before they get any money put into their personal account to just spend. They must be in school or teaching someone who is less fortunate than them

I would then donate a portion of all my

to the food banks of NYC, ACS children services and I would create a foundation called the JUST MOVE program to help foster young children with eating healthy, being physically active  and target their academics to help push NYS reading and math standards. The foundation would focus on an after school program, a Saturday program and a summer camp in each borough and one in LI Franklin Square.

After all that is done I would travel around the world first stop is Africa,Paris,Italy and Sweden there I would hang out with my brother and nephews. I would keep my younger children in the same public school to keep them humble and grounded. At the end I would keep funding pouring into every-school in the State of New York were the funding is really needed to keep them running and keep all teacher with jobs and continuous training

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  1. JBarnes says:

    remember you and I having this conversation at the pizza shop near QC? I think you have a wonderful plan for your winnings. I don’t knw about giving to cousins and aunt and uncles though.. lol

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